1. These Regulations apply to all participants of summer day camps, camps, sailing trip camps referred to as Participant, organized by Forsail.
  2. The Summer Participant has the right to:
    2.1. participate in all activities and attractions organized within his age group,
    2.2. address all problems to the tutor, instructor or manager,
    2.3. happy and safe rest,
    2.4. developing your skills.
  3. The Participant is obliged to:
    3.1. arrive punctually at the bus departure point and for each meeting and meal,
    3.2. comply with the participant’s regulations and strictly follow the instructions of tutors, instructors and the manager,
    3.3. actively participate in all program activities,
    3.4. take care of cleanliness, order around you and respect the equipment entrusted during the summer recreation,
    3.5. respect the rules of social coexistence, be obliging, helpful and polite to colleagues, tutors, instructors and other people,
    3.6. follow the rules of personal hygiene,
    3.7. take care of your own safety and that of other participants,
    3.8. during activities on the water, it is absolutely necessary to wear a life jacket and to obey and follow the instructions of the instructor,
    3.9. immediately inform the educator, instructor or manager of any illness, injury, malaise, injury or pain,
    3.10. be equipped with recommended sports shoes and clothing according to the weather,
    3.11. observe curfew hours and do not leave your accommodation during this time.
  4. The Participant is strictly prohibited from:
    4.1. staying in and on the water without the knowledge of the instructor/tutor,
    4.2. leaving the facility and the designated area without the knowledge and consent of the teacher,
    4.3. possession and consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants, possession and smoking of tobacco,
    4.4. use of profanity and vulgar words,
    4.5 filming and/or photographing the staff or other camp participants, and publishing their images in any media without their consent,
    4.6 committing other prohibited acts, i.e. behaviors with characteristics specified in the criminal act (Article 115 § 1 of the Penal Code).
  5. Legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused by the Participant on the way or during the stay at the Recreation shall be borne by his parent/guardian.
  6. The Organizer does not recommend taking electronic equipment (such as mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, music players) and other valuable items and is not responsible for lost electronic equipment or other items belonging to participants, lost during the Leisure left on the coach or in center or drowned. The organizer is not responsible for damage to children’s belongings made by other participants.
  7. In the event of a serious violation of the Regulations of the Leisure Participant, the parents or guardians of the participant will be notified, and the organizer reserves the right to remove the child from the list of participants and expulsion from the day camp. In such a situation, the parent is obliged to pick up the child within 3 hours at his own expense and is not entitled to a refund for the remaining part of the child’s unused participation in Leisure.
  8. The Recreation Participant can be picked up by parents and legal guardians. If the child is picked up by another person, the Organizer requires the written consent of the parent or legal guardian, handed over personally to the Recreation staff.